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Nemanja Nikolić
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Posted 20.06.2019

What is an experience and what is a vision? Why is that those two thing so different and in constant conflict? It would be so helpful if everybody could combine those two thing in achieving their goals.

Experience is a `thing` which you gain over the years, more you do one thing in more different way, you gain more experience. In some cases life just put you in unknown situation and make you get more experience. Sometimes even in the same situation with different people, that can be pleasant or nasty experience, but again, an experience.

On the other hand, mostly young, people who doesn`t have so much experience has a vision. Vision can be big, small, short, long, doesn`t matter but it`s a vision, a vision how the world should be and how to change it. Methods for changes are seen in the vision too, but without experience, not so efficient and naive. Combination of experience and vision can be a little bit tricky because experience is based on events that have happened in the past and vision includes events that are supposed to happen in the future. Experience is keeping us safe from getting hurt, from taking to much risk, from failure. That is how our brain is designed, to keep us safe.

Having no experience can be almost the same dangerous as having radical experience. Both state of out minds can bring us in the situation of getting hurt and broken. Having negative experience can limit ou mind to make stereotypes about group of people or way of work, for example 'I don`t do bussiness with that kind of people, they scrud me ower every time!'. On the other hand, doing bussines with 'that kind of people' for the first time is putting us in the position to get hurt. Successful people are able to combine those two thing, able to say 'Okey, I had trouble in working with that kind of people. Let`s se what can I do to improve my attitude so it doesn`t happen again!', able to unlearn bad habits, bad lessons, bad experiences and to learn new ones, able to upgrade their way of connecting events that have happened in the past with events that are coming. Easiest thing to do is just to avoid those situations, or mention reasons for not doing it instead of changing our self to overcome similar problem next time.

Experience is necessary in life, not to mention in success but making good compromise between experience and vision is what separate 'scared and ordinary' people of successful ones. Experience is important for keeping us safe but vision is necessary for keeping us moving forward.