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Nemanja Nikolić
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Posted 11.04.2019

New age, modern age, technology age, display age .. Technology makes our life easier in many many ways, having a smartphone means all information available on the internet in matter of seconds.

First of all, "technology" as a term is abused, technology is a branch of science which is analyzing tools and mechanisms of working and their development during history. Tools which we use these days, smartphones and computers, and call technology is actually tools, by definition. Or we just call it technology because 99.999% of population has no idea what they are holding in their pocket 20 hours a day, I don`t know. But, we will just call it technology, so we do not get confused.

Using technology, which is available today to every person on planet, you can feel a lot of reliefs in life. When you need to pay electricity bill or interested in buying new car or to see working hours of some company, just connect to WiFi, couple taps and there you go. To our generation, called generation y (z added later), would have a lot difficulties to adjust living without there useful gadgets. But, I believe there would be some advanced rehab facilities for those addicts, nice bilbords all around, new calming candies ... The main challenge would be get used to nature and other people, that would be the most epic challenge that would face most of mentioned generation. Living in small flats, building upon building, earphones in ears all the time, zombies and even better strangers, that is society today.

Why don`t we show some initiative to go outside, to hang out (that doesnt mean to take drugs and alcohol), interact with other people, share experience in real life. Having thousand friends on social network who doesn`t say not even "Hello" on the street doesn`t mean anything, having couple friends who doesn`t matter who paid for the gas and sandwiches means you are a rich person.

Technology is good, technology is necessary but that doesn`t mean that it should be life. People should use technology like tools, like a screwdriver or an ex, use it and leave until you need it nex time, not living life throw those displays. Let me see the green stuff, take me to the woods, parks, take me somewhere where there is no internet connection, no power outlet, no human bots walking around like zombies!