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Posted 29.01.2019

Cooking ... Cooking is maybe the best way to spend some time with your self, with your naturally build-in skills and tastes, with a desire to impress your self by making something that you would like to taste, thus to eat.

Cooking is an activity where a person enjoys being in all those noises and smells of burning oil, rolling the pan and making those vegetables and meat qubes cooked on the all sides equally, drinking a type of alcohol which is closest to the heart and preparing the mind for the feast that is coming. The way of making the meal is the thing that makes the difference between good and bad chef, passion and non passion chef, tasty and disgusting meal.

There is a long way of changing the way of making food, from wooden sticks to ceramic pans, from woods to stainless steel kitchens, from cave people to sophisticated chefs. A lot of things changed but not all of them. Gender equality is one of thing that haven`t changed a lot. When woman is making food, she is doing it because she has to, because she must, because that is expected from her, thus the is not doing it because she want`s than she has to. That is the reason why cooking takes a lot of place in woman`s life and that she is doing it like a robot. On the other hand, a man is cooking mostly because he wants to not because he has to. As in all other things, when a person shows great interests in that he does it must gets very good. That rule we can implements in cooking. Man are just more passion when comes to cooking, at least those who wants to cook.

When I feel low, depressed, frustrated, I just go to supermarket and by the goods, the ingredients to my magic meal. From that point, point of making decision, there is no turning back, I am cut from all my worries, from telephone, social media, there is just me and my imagine tasty meal. While I do the shopping I imagine the butter in the pan, noisy fan over my stove, me drinking cold beer, my creativity reaches maximum level, this is going to be a good day after all. Although I hate cooking only for my self, this ritual is necessary in cases when i do the experiments, changing type od vegetables or type of oil, when I need to impress my senses. I do not cook to often by when I do, I do it in style.

But, when comes to the point, it doesn`t mater who made the meal as long as it is tasty!